Some write to remember…

My thoughts on libraries, conferences, teaching and yes, random other things I find worth sharing


Hi there!  Welcome to my online world.

Here you will find ideas and thoughts about

  • my PhD. I want to find out what the impact of going to a conference is, on the person who goes and on the organisation that sent them. This means that I am thinking a lot about what exactly happens (or does not happen!) when a librarian comes back from a conference, full of ideas and motivated…
  • Teaching in the field of Library and Information Science. I have just very recently taken up some teaching, and have many thoughts on the matter already (and even more questions!)
  • Libraries: because I love what they stand for and I love what they do. It’s exiting these days being a librarian, and I would like to add my ideas to the conversation.
  • Random things that matter to me: I am an Austrian living in Australia, a hobby painter and a happy gardener, wife to one, mother to two and friend to some more. I might write about none of these things, or all of them.

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