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How do you do all-the-things? #blogjune18

CURTIS | Curtin Information Studies Club

How do you do all-the-things?

The working, the studying, the caring, the house-holding, the networking, the socialising, the reading, the keeping up, the relaxing, the looking after, the cleaning, the communicating, the staying healthy, the sleeping, the…, the…, the …..

At the moment, I am at a stage where my answer to above question is: badly.

With me, maybe with you as well, the feeling of being completely overwhelmed at all that I think needs to be done, comes and goes.

For weeks, or months even, all the balls are in the air, and I think I can do it all. Some things don’t get done, of course, and I have crazy thoughts like “but next week I just give 150%, and then I’ll be able to fit them in too”. If any of my friends told me they are thinking that way, I would tell them that sounds just…

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Which services are missing from the libraries you use? Day 13 of #blogjune

I have blogged over at the CURTIS blog for #blogjune about two ideas for services I would use as a library user.

CURTIS | Curtin Information Studies Club

Basically, this is me writing as a user of libraries, and two ideas I have for services that I would use if there were offered:

Book-parcel service at my public library

We read a lot as a family. Apart from the occasional book given to us as a present, we get all our books from our public library. While I love taking the boys to the library and choose new books, I don’t always have time for it. So, the service I would occasionally use works like this:

  • I send the library an SMS that says “Will pick up book-parcel on Wednesday”
  • On Wednesday, I take borrowed books back and receive 15 new titles based on our usual reading habits, including a few that take us outside of those habits and surprise us.
  • If this could be done as a drive through, that would be amazing. I would be happy…

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Day 2 – #blogjune

Blogging for CURTIS over at this #blogjune – reblogging it here .

CURTIS | Curtin Information Studies Club


Is confidence the most important take-away from an LIS degree?

Possible Answer:

Yes, I am starting to think so! Let me start off by outlining three scenarios:

(1) When I was studying for my Grad Dip, some of my fellow students did not feel confident enough to apply for librarian jobs after graduation – and decided to work a few years at technician level first. They were very intelligent and capable students who did well in their degrees, but lacked confidence. (I was not one of them btw… I was quite happy to have a go and “wing it” as a graduate librarian)

(2) With my lecturing LIS hat on, I also see the same lack of confidence in my students. Some of them think they won’t be cataloguing in an entry level librarian job (“surly more experienced librarians do this, or will at least check my work

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