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Day 2 – #blogjune

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Blogging for CURTIS over at this #blogjune – reblogging it here .

CURTIS | Curtin Information Studies Club


Is confidence the most important take-away from an LIS degree?

Possible Answer:

Yes, I am starting to think so! Let me start off by outlining three scenarios:

(1) When I was studying for my Grad Dip, some of my fellow students did not feel confident enough to apply for librarian jobs after graduation – and decided to work a few years at technician level first. They were very intelligent and capable students who did well in their degrees, but lacked confidence. (I was not one of them btw… I was quite happy to have a go and “wing it” as a graduate librarian)

(2) With my lecturing LIS hat on, I also see the same lack of confidence in my students. Some of them think they won’t be cataloguing in an entry level librarian job (“surly more experienced librarians do this, or will at least check my work

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