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Which services are missing from the libraries you use? Day 13 of #blogjune

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I have blogged over at the CURTIS blog for #blogjune about two ideas for services I would use as a library user.

CURTIS | Curtin Information Studies Club

Basically, this is me writing as a user of libraries, and two ideas I have for services that I would use if there were offered:

Book-parcel service at my public library

We read a lot as a family. Apart from the occasional book given to us as a present, we get all our books from our public library. While I love taking the boys to the library and choose new books, I don’t always have time for it. So, the service I would occasionally use works like this:

  • I send the library an SMS that says “Will pick up book-parcel on Wednesday”
  • On Wednesday, I take borrowed books back and receive 15 new titles based on our usual reading habits, including a few that take us outside of those habits and surprise us.
  • If this could be done as a drive through, that would be amazing. I would be happy…

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