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How do you do all-the-things? #blogjune18

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CURTIS | Curtin Information Studies Club

How do you do all-the-things?

The working, the studying, the caring, the house-holding, the networking, the socialising, the reading, the keeping up, the relaxing, the looking after, the cleaning, the communicating, the staying healthy, the sleeping, the…, the…, the …..

At the moment, I am at a stage where my answer to above question is: badly.

With me, maybe with you as well, the feeling of being completely overwhelmed at all that I think needs to be done, comes and goes.

For weeks, or months even, all the balls are in the air, and I think I can do it all. Some things don’t get done, of course, and I have crazy thoughts like “but next week I just give 150%, and then I’ll be able to fit them in too”. If any of my friends told me they are thinking that way, I would tell them that sounds just…

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