Some write to remember…

My thoughts on libraries, conferences, teaching and yes, random other things I find worth sharing


I was inspired to name this blog “Some write to remember” by my favourite song of all times, Hotel California by the Eagles. You might think that it’s a bit much to declare a song an all time favourite, the winner of them all, when there is so much amazing music out there. And I agree. BUT, this song always gets me to smile and sing along. It makes me feel happy and warm inside, it makes me want to go outside and dance like no one is watching. It makes me want to go on a road trip, learn how to play the guitar and be in a band. I marvel at the lyrics and about the story they tell and the pictures they create in my mind. And that’s just during the first 20 seconds!

So, here is a thank you to

  1. The Eagles, for dreaming up and performing an amazing song way before I was even born.
  2. My husband, for putting it on just when I was thinking of a name for my blog
  3. The other bloggers out there who already thought of the same title for their blogs (of course I am not the first one!), for welcoming me into their circle.
Some dance to remember, some dance to forget…

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